welcome to timeshel

timeshel makes your iphone photos come to life as beautiful prints

switch between two tiers of service at anytime

10 prints

in a nifty envelope $5.95/month

30 prints

in the shel $14.95/month

the app

getting prints has never been so simple. each month, add moments to your timeshel story, its as easy as 4 taps from the home screen.

at the end of each month, timeshel prints your story and sends it to you. try double tapping photos as you select them to get two copies of your favorites.


the prints

prints come in two sizes: a rectangle and a square; both with a quarter inch white border. add any combination of the two sizes to your story and timeshel will print them all.

our genuine photographic prints boast archival quality you can see and feel, we promise they'll stand the test of time.


the shel


so much more than just packaging, the shel stores, organizes, and displays your prints. stack new months together to keep your story organized and protected for years to come