The timeshel photo journal

The timeshel photo journal combines the best aspects of a traditional journal with a light weight photo album experience. Whether its a road trip, party, relationship, or any other life event… remember well with the timeshel photo journal.

Key Features:

  • Plenty of space for photo inspired journaling,

  • Subtle ruling to keep your writing neat

  • Adjustable number of pages (each journal comes with an extra set)

  • Three different types of pages, one for each timeshel print format

  • Reinforcing strap to protect your journal at all times


The timeshel frames

timeshel photo frames are a simple, elegant way to put your favorite prints on display. Both square and rectangular frames come in sets of four.

Key Features:

  • Easily swap photos in and out, no removable parts

  • Designed for both border and borderless prints

  • Non-marking, mild adhesive tabs included for placement on a wall

  • Built in stand for easy and elegant display on a table or desk