Our Story

Stories well-told and stories well-remembered have always played a big part in both our lives. In a world of quick, often disposable digital experiences we find unique value in slowing down and reflecting on our stories as we live them. We were friends years before we started timeshel and bonded quickly over the ethos that looking forward in life requires looking back to reflect and process how we've been living and who we're becoming.

At different times, and for different reasons, printed photographs have become really important for both of us. For Sean, a catastrophic hard drive failure destroyed nearly every single photo he had collected and saved from his twenties. Phil's previous career as a professional wedding photographer taught him volumes as to how special and valuable capturing moments with photos can be. For both of us, seeing our moments come to life as prints has been a wonderful and impactful experience. Creating timeshel is our way of making that same wonderful experience simple and beautiful for other people.

Printed photographs have the power to preserve life's moments in a special way no digital experience will ever replace. As we look forward to living lives worth remembering, we hope timeshel serves as an enjoyable and thoughtful way to record and preserve those stories for ourselves and those who come after us.

~ Sean & Phil