Last Minute Holiday Cards: Quick Tips for a Festive Photo

Guest post from our friends at Mendr


‘Tis the season for reminiscing over memories made throughout the last year, festive friends and family outings, and so many holiday photos. The month wouldn’t be complete without the receiving of dozens of holiday cards from friends, family, and occasionally a person or two you’re not totally sure you actually know.

So, how do you make your holiday card stand out from the crowd (while still having $$ left over for gifts)? Getting exceptional quality on a DIY budget is possible, it’s just about taking the right approach.

Planning Shoots

Yes, we said shoots! Even if you’re only coordinating a family photo, follow the lead of pro photographers if you have a specific vision in mind. Plan out the details well before you get everyone gathered in front of the camera. For theme inspiration, we turn to Pinterest. Consider a family theme -- will you all wear a similar color? Will you incorporate decorations or props? Do you want an outdoor scene or the familiar backdrop of your own home?

Choose any items of clothing you’ll need, but no need to break the bank. If you don’t have a prop or ideal background on hand, Mendr can magically insert your desired details later (keep reading)!

No need for the expense of a professional photographer! Instead, prepare the gear you’ll use to take photos, like extra batteries and memory cards if using a camera. Whether you’re using an iPhone or a point & shoot, grab a tripod; it’ll be key for making the process feel effortless (and professional).

Find a friend or use a self-timer to capture your shots, and plan to strike your pose during the day’s golden hours (right after sunrise or before sunset) when the light is soft and flattering. Otherwise you may also need an external flash or another light source.

When taking the photo, opt for a new and unique perspective. Instead of aiming your camera or phone at chest-level, trying shooting above or below eye level, or even from the top while you lay down on the floor. And if you’re photographing little ones - squat down to their level. It may be challenging to do this if you don’t have a serious tripod or ladder, but if you can achieve it, it’ll definitely add interest and variety to your holiday card photo.

Capture Moments Instead of Poses

Okay, sure planning out all the elements sounds like it will definitely end with you capturing the perfect photo. But in the real world -- where the weather changes, people are late, kids are restless? Coordinating can be...stressful.

So if you don’t have the time or patience to coordinate a photo during the holiday season, or if posing in front of a camera feels like your family’s destined to be featured next on Awkward Family Photos, then no problem. Simply scroll through the photos you’ve collected over the year. The moments that capture genuine laughter, family members joking around, and general family interactions work perfectly as holiday photo cards.


By going the candid route, you’re more likely to end up with adorable photos that authentically capture your family dynamic. Search for a picture with the foundation of a good photo in place. And don’t stress about every minute detail -- you can edit your photo to perfection (or let Mendr handle all the editing work for you) once you select your favorite shot.

Edit, Print & Send Your Photos

If you happen to love a photo that unfortunately features a pile of dishes on the countertop in the background, the picture is far from ruined! Or maybe the lighting is off, your son’s eyes are closed, or you wish the background was different altogether? No worries.

Keep things simple and professional by using a photo editing app that handles the professional Photoshop for you, so that everyone looks their best but nothing looks phony. If you’re feeling extra festive, use the app to Add Objects like holiday decor, presents, and even insert text with your family name or holiday message.

So this holiday season, let Mendr make your photos beautiful so you can focus on what matters: enjoying the moment. Download now for iOS or Android and your first edit is on us! Just enter the Timeshel referral code TIMESHEL5 at checkout.

Then once you have the perfect photo, print them with our unmatched timeshel quality.

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