3 Months of Prints + Frames (2 Packs of 4)

3 Months of Prints + Frames (2 Packs of 4)


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Combine the purchase of a set of both square and rectangular frames with three months of a timeshel subscription. With the frames + prints combo package you can actively display your favorite moments on an ongoing basis.

Insert or switch out timeshel prints in seconds through a slot in the side of the frame - no need to remove backing or take off the wall - making it easy to update the photos you display with each monthly delivery of timeshel prints..

Each order contains a set of four rectangular frames and a set of four square frames, both uniquely sized for the timeshel print format.

In addition to the two sets of frames you’ll receive a gift card for $45 of timeshel print credit.

All prints are specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with your frames as well as the timeshel photo journal.

Your frames and gift card will be shipped separately. Instructions for how to receive your prints will come with the shipment of your gift card.

Want to keep receiving prints after your credit runs out? Simply enter your payment info into the timeshel app and continue receiving prints in the mail.

  • 30 prints a month for $14.95/month

  • 10 prints a month for $5.95/month

Currently only available in the United States.

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