Photo Journal

Photo Journal


The best aspects of a photo album combined with a journaling experience make for a unique and meaningful way to organize and expound upon your favorite printed memories.

Each journal page allows contains space to display a timeshel print beautifully recessed and matted into the page as well as space to write, doodle, and record thoughts prompted by your favorite printed memories.

Insert and bind pages into the journal to create an incredible expression of your story to be cherished personally or given to a loved one as a meaningful, one of a kind gift.

Each journal comes with a pack 30 pages

  • 10 pages with windows for horizontally oriented, rectangular prints
  • 10 pages with windows for vertically oriented, rectangular prints
  • 10 pages with windows for square prints

Each journal cover can hold appx 50 pages and additional pages can be purchased from the timeshel store.

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Only available in the US.